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Ricardo D'Aguiar

I received formal training in TV production for the first time in 1999, on a one-year-internship at TV-PUC (Rio de Janeiro) during my Bachelor degree in journalism. Since then I have worked with large media companies, civil society organizations, artists and independent productions of my own. I am specially interested in social movements and have been participating in media projects for feminist networks, human rights organizations, media development and volunteer initiatives around the world.

I was awarded a Chevening scholarship from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the UK and chose to study at UEA under the supervision of Dr. Martin Scott. My thesis focused on participatory communication and media development, with field research in northern Jordan, in a Palestinian educational program I had worked with before.

I freelance commercially, organize and teach workshops and continue to explore my passions for videoart, photography and editing.


Ricardo D'Aguiar

ricardo d'aguiar
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