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I am a multimedia professional who uses video, audio, and photography for various purposes. I have worked in 30 countries and lived in 6. I act as a media consultant, organize and teach workshops and continue to explore my passions for videoart, photography and editing. I am especially interested in social justice themes, the climate crisis and feminism as a political philosophy. I am a documentary filmmaker focusing on in-depth research and development of subjects and characters, anthropology-based embedding, direct cinema and visual anthropology.


I network with partners across the globe to provide services to clients from various cultures. I am a member of the Brazilian filmmaking syndicate STIC and have worked with leading professionals in the industry. As Communications Officer at the international think tank DAWN, I was responsible for the organization's communications overhaul, including a full digital restructuring project and over 100 international video productions over five years. 

In 2024, I moved from New York to Toronto, where I am currently based, and joined the nonprofit Tree Canada as Content Manager.

Ricardo D'Aguiar

ricardo d'aguiar
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